Links to websites Jill loves!


Jill's mother, Jean Mintoft, is an artist.  You can check out her work here:


There are fantastic reference photos for artists available to purchase at Wildlife Reference Photos, run by the Stribbling Family Wildlife Artists here:


Wonderful wildlife reference photos for artists can be purchased from African Reference Photos, a site run by photographer Scotch Macaskill, focusing on African wildlife.  You can find the site here:


Paint My Photo is a great resource - a social networking site for artists, dedicated to sharing photos for artistic inspiration without fear of infringing copyright.  You can find the site here:


Jill's love of wildlife means she likes to support various wildlife charities.  Some of her favourite charities are The Dyfi Osprey Project, the RSPB, Panthera, Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), Devon Wildlife Trust, The Fox Project, The Shark Trust, WWF and the lovely dogs at Forever Hounds Trust (formerly GRWE).