Jill Dimond Art Wildlife AnimalJill Dimond is a wildlife and animal artist based in the southwest of the UK, near Plymouth.

Jill has had a love of animals and wildlife her whole life.  The wild world outside our doors and the creatures that inhabit it are a massive inspiration to her.  She finds great pleasure in spending many hours creating detailed and realistic representations of those animals in the hope of sharing some of that joy with other people.  

Different mediums are used in her artwork.  You will find pen and ink drawings, graphite and carbon drawings, as well as coloured pencil and pastel paintings.  Each drawing focuses very much on painstaking detail.

Jill has discovered a particular love of working in pen for detailed works. Pen ink offers a fantastic contrast between the blackest blacks and the white of the page, but it is an unforgiving medium! Mistakes cannot be erased - they are incorporated and adapted into the final piece. Every drawing teaches the artist patience and to be tolerant and forgiving of the human tendency for errors - important lessons for a detail-obsessed mind! For any of you out there who haven't dared to work in pen - give it a try! It's not as scary as it seems.

When not at her easel you can often find Jill and her husband out walking, photographing and watching wildlife in the beautiful southwest of England, Dartmoor, Ireland and the Inner and Outer Hebrides, usually accompanied by a Border Collie and an Australian Cattle Dog!

Feel free to contact Jill via the contact page.